The Best Sleeping Position

woman sleeping on bed

Finding a good sleeping position will solve most of your insomnia and neck pains. However, it takes a bit of trial and error as well as the right advice to know the best position. You need to find out what your body wants, your situation in life, the existence of any barriers that hinder your sleep, and the most recommended position for your age and physique.

Consider the fact that almost everyone has a default sleeping position and your recommended one may not be too far from that. The good news is that adopting the right sleep position does not require any other effort other than a few minutes of conscious will. Read on to find tips for the 6. best sleeping positions to try.

Sleeping on a Stomach with Head Propped Up


Sleeping on the stomach is bad for you, but if you are using a firm pillow that lifts the head upwards a bit, then you are safe. The adjusted head position for stomach sleepers gives them the right approach to falling asleep as soon as they get on the bed. However, consider the stomach style as a temporary solution to insomnia.

You should transition into other better styles as soon as you can make the changes. The stomach style is also ideal only when you are trying to solve health issues that hinder you from picking any other style.

Back Position

The back position gives your head an easy pass, and it gives the spine a flat position. The body will soon become relaxed when you keep using this position for a week. Furthermore, the position is the best for dealing with stomach problems such as acid reflux.

It ensures that organs acquire a good position for their ideal function while you sleep. If you tend to snore, then you might consider getting additional aids for breathing while you are in this position.

Side Position

The side would be the second best position because of the comfort it gives you. Sleeping on the side would also be the most appropriate for people sharing a bed because of the need to cross arms with the partner or touch bodies. The position has medical advantages like lowering acid reflux and snoring chances.

It also allows expectant mothers to balance their body weight and sleep for hours without turning. Side sleeping is also helpful when you are seeking to improve your blood flow especially when you are experiencing fever.

Back Position with Legs Folded

The legs might not like the back position when it is a new one for you. Therefore, you can fold the legs to make it pleasant. Consider folding over the knee rather than crossing the legs. You want to add to the positioning of your spine while avoiding any hindrance to blood flow.

Keeping a Pillow on the Side


People who turn at night to their default positions that are worse for their health must consider using a pillow. It will hold you in place while also contributing to your comfort.

Keeping the Hands Apart

Most people clench fingers and hold hands together, or they put them under their faces. The right way to sleep is by having your hands in a free placement setup. Use a comfortable position that lets the body take as much space as you can find since it helps relax your muscles.