Summer Flowers For Your Garden


One of the most enjoyable and simple tasks for gardeners is choosing summer flowers for the garden. Every gardener has a favorite summer flower. There are many summer flowers from which you can choose what to plant in your garden.

Popular summer flowers for your garden


Pink cone flower

This is an excellent selection that you need to add to your garden bed especially if your garden has full sun. This type of flower normally grows up to three meters in height making them a great choice for the back of your flower bed or center for circular, kidney shaped or oval flower beds. These flowers bloom from midsummer to the fall.

Shasta daisy

Shasta daisy is also a tall type of flower that withstands the heat and full sun during summer just like a pink cone. Its blooming time is from summer long to fall.

Lilly of the Valley

It is known to be very fragrant and a good option for growing as a front border since it grows to six to eight inches high. These flowers are usually small white and have a bell shape. They bloom from late spring to early summer. The green stem and leaves, however, remain all through summer.


This is also a perfect choice for a border plant. Hostas come in different shades of green, and some have a white variegation. These low leafy plants are known to come up during spring and bloom in mid -summer.

Heirloom roses

These type of roses are different from hybrid roses found in flower shops. They are sun worshippers and come in various shades and colors. They may grow on fences, in the bush or on the trellis and make wonderful summer flowers.

Butterfly bushes

These are good at attracting butterflies and bees to your garden during summer by adding these bushes. They have a great fragrance and bloom throughout summer. This flower also withstands the summer heat.

Brown-eyed Susan

gardeningleftdfghThis flower is not as to as the Shasta daisy or pink cone. It is bright orange with a brown color at the center. Brown eyed Susan is sun sturdy as well and its blooming time runs from mid-summer up to mid-fall.

All these flowers give you enough options from which to choose. Ensure however that you continuously pinch off the blooms and water your flowers regularly to enjoy a colorful garden throughout summer.