Disabilities and Their Treatment, Gambling is One of The Cure

Every December 3, the world community commemorates International Disability Day. This commemoration day is intended to provide support to persons with disabilities and at the same time invite the world’s citizens to get to know more about disabilities.

Do you know who a person with a disability is? Persons with disabilities are not only those with physical limitations. Anyone who has had difficulty interacting and participating fully and effectively in society for a long time can be called a person with a disability.

Because of their limitations, we should give them the support and assistance they need. To provide proper support, let’s get to know more about the following types of disabilities.

Physical Disabilities

Persons with physical disabilities experience limitations due to disturbances in bodily functions. Defects can arise from birth or as a result of accidents, illness, or medical treatment’s side effects. Some types include paralysis, loss of limbs due to amputation, and cerebral palsy.

Sensory Disabilities

Sensory disability is a limitation of the functions of the five senses. This type of disability includes disabilities that are speech, deaf, and blind.

To help people with visual impairments, you need to learn specific ways of interacting with them. Know the types of touch and tone you can use to communicate. In addition, before helping them, you also need to first ask whether they really need your help or not.

In order to interact with people with speech, hearing, or speech hearing disabilities, you will need skills in using sign language. It is recommended that you speak at a slower tempo so that it is easier to understand.

Mental Disabilities

People with mental disabilities experience limitations due to disorders of the mind or brain. Mental disabilities, including bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental disorders. Those with mental disabilities may have difficulty concentrating, thinking, making decisions, and expressing their thoughts.

One way to deal with mental disabilities is not to put them in conditions that are prone to causing stress or stress. In addition, when interacting with people with mental disabilities, you should use thorough explanations and easy-to-understand word choices. If necessary, you can provide a choice of ways of conveying information, some prefer to listen to explanations directly, and some others find it easier to understand the writing. Finally, you need patience and an open mind to understand the condition of people with mental disabilities.

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Intellectual Disabilities

Intellectual disability can be characterized by IQ levels below average standards, difficulty processing information, and limitations in communication, socializing, and sensitivity to the environment. Several types of intellectual disabilities are Down syndrome and developmental delays.

If you want to help a family member or relative who has an intellectual disability, first understand that they need more time, patience, and attention from you. First of all, it will take you some time to teach them to understand the basic instructions. Give instructions in simple and easy-to-understand language.

Next, try to prevent the environment from creating pressure or stress for persons with disabilities. An environment that is too noisy or too crowded can interfere with their concentration, making them prone to stress.

Because it is difficult to process instructions and stimuli from outside themselves, persons with disabilities are often unaware of their surroundings. For that, you need to help them become aware of what is going on. To explain this, use illustrations that are easy to understand so that they can easily remember them and know what action to take if they are faced with similar conditions in the future.

So, those are the types of disabilities and ways you can do them if you have family members with disabilities. Come on, always provide support for people with disabilities so that they can also live life comfortably.