How United States Politicians Campaign on Difabel Issues

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The issue of diffables is an interesting campaign material. In the United States, a number of politicians who would run for presidential candidates from the Democratic Party and the Republican Party raised the issue.

The Democratic presidential candidate for the United States, for example, Senator Elizabeth Warrent, delivered a comprehensive policy for people with disabilities in the upcoming US elections. For this policy, Warrent, who comes from Massachusetts, has the full support of voters with disabilities.

In his campaign, Warrent offers an integrated group cooperation scheme with various organizations of people with disabilities in America. “This candidate listens to the aspirations of people with disabilities,” said Rebecca Cokley, Director of The Disability Justice Initiative at the center of studies and funding for welfare improvement in America, as quoted in the New York Times, Friday, January 10, 2020.

Elizabeth Warrent has a teaching background in inclusive education. He is a politician who actively promotes equal teaching and learning activities for students with special needs with students without disabilities. Warrent also encourages students with disabilities to learn and mingle in public schools.

This new policy offer for people with disabilities was also campaigned by the former Cabinet Secretary in the Obama administration, Julián Castro. He raised the same campaign issue as Warrent. Julián Castro put forward the issue of empowering people with disabilities to advance to the political market in the United States. And in the end, Castro also supports the programs and policies offered by Warrent.

There is also former Pete Buttigieg, former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who campaigned for comprehensive policies for people with disabilities. A politician who also offers a comprehensive policy for people with disabilities is Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota.

He has submitted a funding proposal for community-based service programs and house-to-house social services. Klobuchar also proposed to improve accessibility for people with disabilities, such as the use of working tools and more communicative instructions.

Although many have campaigned for comprehensive policies for people with disabilities, not a single politician has offered a comprehensive social security policy. So far, people with disabilities in America have certain facilities and access in several fields. However, there are certain social security services that they do not receive as civilians in America.

Based on the US population census in 2019, the number of people with disabilities in this country reaches 20 percent or around 49.7 million people. The group classified as difable are those who experience a permanent disability condition and are over 5 years old.

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