Cool! These 4 People Are Good at Cooking Despite Their Physical Limitations

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Having physical limitations does not discourage these people. They are even known as inspirational figures thanks to their cooking skills.
Some people who are destined with these physical limitations prove that anything can be easily done as long as there is intention and hard work. As in the case of cooking, for example, which must be done carefully.

Because cooking is an activity that is fairly easy. All processes must be considered, starting from choosing ingredients, washing, cutting to measuring spices to produce a delicious taste. Those process is also similar with while you learning to play online bet, all you have to do is choosing the right website like sbobet, choose which soccer team to bet, and so on. And that’s how all you gotta do to make a success effort, even if you are disabled or not.

However, some people who have disabilities such as hand paralysis, blindness, deafness to autism have managed to amaze many people with the results of their cooking. They even actively share their cooking moments on social media.

Here are 4 stories of people who are good at cooking despite their limitations:

1. Jessica Jewett

Viral of an inspiring woman on how to cook without using arms. The woman, named Jessica Jewett, was paralyzed, so she could not move her arms and legs.

Even so, did not make Jessica Jewett discouraged. He even continues to carry out his daily activities with great effort, such as when cooking and preparing food for example.

Jessica used her mouth to move the cookware. The cooking moment was shared on his TikTok account @artbyjessicajewett and went viral. Many netizens were inspired by his enthusiasm.

He can even cut potatoes, stir food in pots, cook in pans, bake and decorate cakes. He said that cooking with a disability doesn’t have to be complicated.

2. Chef in Malaysia


No less inspiring, a chef with a disability in Malaysia has succeeded in impressing netizens with his cooking actions. The chef is named Chef Low who comes from Penang, Malaysia.

Chef Low is blind as a result of an accident he experienced since the age of 12. Although he can not see, but he is reliable when cooking. Especially when cutting food using a knife.

In fact, he looks so smart. Not only that, chef Low also has a special YouTube channel to share his cooking actions. The YouTube channel called Blind in The Kitchen has successfully inspired many people.

3. Chase Bailey

Chase Bailey is a special needs child from Los Angeles. He has been diagnosed with autism since he was 2 years old. However, these shortcomings led him to be used as an inspirational figure.

With his shortcomings, he can still do cooking activities well. From the age of 13, Chase Bailey can even make ramen noodles. Not only that, he has also made hundreds of cookies for an event.

His expertise in cooking started when he was watching a cooking show on TV with his grandfather. Then he became interested in watching people enjoy his food. Then he asked to try cooking.

Unexpectedly, two years later he managed to release a cooking video on his own YouTube channel. The video caught the attention of the autistic community, so Chase Bailey and his mother realized that it could have a positive impact.

4. Chef in Australia

Chef Nathan Quinell from Australia is known to have physical limitations. He has lost his hearing and sight since birth. However, he managed to inspire many people from his cooking skills.

Reported by the BBC, Chef Nathan Quinell looks reliable when cooking. Starting from washing vegetables, cutting ingredients, to stirring food in pots and pans.

Even his ability to cook earned him the nickname ‘Chef Storm’. Interestingly, Chef Nathan Quinell is also not stingy with knowledge, he always takes the time to teach cooking to the surrounding community.

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