Disability Day, Australia Opens Disability Job Vacancies

International Disability Day is celebrated every 3 December. A month earlier, several countries also celebrated accessibility days, or access provided so that persons with disabilities could carry out activities equivalent to non-disabled people. One country that celebrates disability and accessibility days in Australia. On 26-30 November 2018, the Australian government through Disability Employment Services or DES opened a special job …

Types of Disabilities in Humans (Disabilities)

Every human being created by God is different from each other. In addition to being physically different, humans were also created with tribes and nationalities which were intended to enable people to get to know each other. Among the billions of people in this world, some people have disabilities, which are physical or mental disabilities or human disabilities. Problems or cases faced by people with disabilities are of various types.

Types of Disabilities or Disorders in Humans:



A blind person is a person who cannot see with his eyes. Blind people can have the ability to detect objects around them by maximizing their hearing ability through the sounds or vibrations they hear. Apart from total blindness, some people experience partial blindness who cannot identify the test to count the number of fingers from a distance of three meters.

Disability Control

People who are tuneless are people who have difficulties in self-control, such as problems with emotional control, difficult to get along, like to be alone, low self-confidence, like to do evil, ashamed to appear in public, and so forth. Also, people with disabilities in sound and tone are included in the barrel tuna group.



Deaf people are people who cannot hear as normal people in general. People who have hearing disabilities that have not been severe can still use hearing aids so that they can hear well again.

Physical Disabilities

People with disabilities are people who have physical disabilities, bodily disabilities, disorders, damage, and so on, caused by brain damage, spinal cord damage, accidents, congenital disabilities, and so forth. The easiest example of a physically challenged person is a person whose hand has a stump, has a stubbed leg, is paralyzed, has a small leg, and so on. Read more: Don’t Do This to Disabilities

Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation

People who are mentally disabled are people who are mentally retarded so that they have a low level of intelligence below the average person in general. Mentally retarded characteristics can usually be seen from physical abnormalities and from abnormal behavior that is often shown in everyday life.

Combined Disabilities

Double tuna people are people who have more than one disability. For example, such as people who have a stubborn hand at the same time experiencing permanent blindness, or people who are mentally retarded (idiots) as well as having a hearing impairment (deaf), and others.


Mute people are people who cannot talk to other people. People who are mute are usually caused by hearing problems since birth that are not detected, causing the child to have difficulty learning to speak normally. A person can also experience selective mute, which only becomes mute when dealing with certain situations and conditions.

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