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The rise of reporting on events in the era of openness is no longer an extraordinary thing. Various events are very private to the outside of reason, going back and forth on social media with very easy access. All events will be easily witnessed by having a mobile device or an internet-connected computer.

But some things become anxious, which always undermine the walls of our thinking when information and various reports are not as expected in the interests of the dissemination of knowledge about disability.

Based on our collective conclusions, we are committed to forming a media that has a specific perspective and channel for disability—specifically raising issues related to disability in detail, comprehensive, balanced, and objective. So on May 7, 2007, my friends with disabilities, together with legal practitioners and journalists activists, agreed to form the online media

This media was born from the efforts of my friends with disabilities who have similar ideas and ideals, namely to provide understanding and information to the wider community about disability issues. We understand that individuals with disabilities have different abilities, ranging from the ability to communicate, socialize, photography, computers, and the ability to use information technology so, based on a shared vision, a media is initiated by involving the blind, deaf, speech, speech and peer disabilities non-disabled friends who have journalistic skills, work together to build

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