Disabled People Who Inspire Many People Around the World

Disabled People Who Inspire Many People Around the World

Everyone will want to be born perfectly even though sometimes fate says otherwise. Some are born with complete body parts but have a lack of function. There are also those who are born with physical disabilities but have many advantages. They are people who are the same as all of us, even though they sometimes experience discrimination.

That is why every December 3 is always celebrated as a day for the disabled. The day when they all voiced rights that were sometimes not given and demanded equality with people who were considered more normal.

So, can a person with a disability do nothing? The answer is no. Lots of people with disabilities have achievements. As done by these seven disability figures. Amid the shortcomings that exist in their lives, they continue to spirit until finally able to inspire many people!

Anthony Robles (American)

Anthony Robles is a professional wrestler who is currently 27 years old. Despite only having one foot, Anthony was able to fight against a lot of enemies. Imagine, a wrestler who needs extra strength must fight with one hand and win. Isn’t that great?

For his actions that were able to defeat normal wrestlers, Anthony was awarded in 2012 as the Most Courageous Athlete Award. At this time, Anthony filled a lot of motivational seminars to keep many people with physical deficiencies in the spirit of living life.

Nick Vujicic (Australia)


Nick Vujicic is an Australian who, since birth, has neither hands nor feet. He suffered from Tetra-amelia Syndrome, which makes the body parts to move can not grow. Since childhood, Nick always gets a lot of pressure, both from within himself, parents, to the school environment. But this gradually vanished because Nick could live independently despite his many shortcomings.

Nick finally managed to complete all his studies at university. After that, he likes to give motivational seminars to a lot of people around the world. Even today, there are more than 25 countries that he has visited. He also founded a non-profit organization that focuses on the development of people with disabilities so that they can remain motivated and independent.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder

No one in this world doesn’t know Stevie Wonder. He is a singer who is very talented from childhood despite having limitations. Stevie has been blind since she was little, so she could not do anything. But apparently, he has talent in the field of singing until his family told him to music lessons. And boom! Since its appearance, Stevie immediately became an idol of many people.

Although blind, he is very good at music. He can play a variety of different musical instruments. Its limitations in seeing make it more sensitive in sound. Stevie Wonder, until now, has had more than 25 albums. He has also won a Grammy Award more than 20 times. An achievement that is difficult to be equaled by other musicians who have limitations on the body.

Tony Melendez (Nicaragua)


Tony Melendez is a musician who is great even though he doesn’t have two hands. He can play his guitar beautifully despite using two legs. One of Tony Melendez’s most beautiful performances was when he played the song in front of Pope Jonathan Paul II in 1987. Since then, he has continued to carry out his musical talent despite his shortcomings to keep him going.

Tony Melendez was not only able to play the guitar alone. He was also able to sing very well and create all his songs. Besides that, Tony also has a banda who always performs in many places while spreading motivation to everyone throughout the world. He wants to prove that everyone can do positive things despite their physical shortcomings.

The four people above are only a few examples. Also, there are many people with disabilities and disabilities but can live a life far better than perfect. Even inspire many people. That is why we should never underestimate those who have deficiencies in the body. It could be that they are more potent than all of us!